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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Beyond & the white chapter

The new mmp album starts in absolute stillness. Nothing to listen except yourself preparing to join us in our new psychedelic trip. Silence is set in a place where bones and diamonds are whirling in the pure dark searching for a dimension until a call of dots and dashes is heard.

The white chapter, a concept mini rock opera opens the journey of 2020 and its phantasmagoric evolutionary process from beyond, in which the sound assimilates new technology while floating by adjacent and opposite cerebral fluids.

The new mmp album overture originates in the form of carbon dust transforming in cold loops and clouds of glacial excitements. When clouds start spinning, the song evolve in steady comets until the brightest one departs and cross the prism of an eye.

The kaleidoscopic realm of the seven colored chapters

When the dazzlingly colorful, fractal, and powerfully enigmatic realm of 2020 is entered, seven newborns are finally revealed: the red, the orange, the yellow, the green, the indigo, the blue, and the purple chapters.

The sound is loud and takes you with you beat after beat, chord after chord, until the sunset of this new surrealistic vision of mmp. While sound progresses along the impulsive trajectory of the brightest comet, lyrics turn into vague and poetic metaphors, filtered by memories, emotions and moods, revealing true passion, source of creative torments, and thus performed with intimist consciousness.

Impetus and increasing musical tensions are sustained with axiomatic grace, and as soon riff starts savoring metallic, you suddenly grow aware that there's no turning back to dark, and an orgasmic explosion is about to burst out, rising to the sky or sinking into the deepest well, slowly putting you into a matchless and altered state of mind.

Dreamlike visuals, animated colors, detached echoes and crammed spectrums are crafted to set you into a new dimension, with unwittingly created horizons. The style developed by these sources reverberates in some of the percussive rhythms, guitar vibrations, and distorted voices.

Chapter by Chapter. Color by Color.


You hear us. We hear you!

There is an unlimited amount of mindfulness and moments of true freedom beyond the sound and the surrounding world. And yet all can be set in the space of a brain where evil and good are conquered, punished, destroyed or enjoyed. Out there! In there!

This mmp album has been conceived through scenes carved from ordinary and extraordinary routine, where the subjects of investigation are dreams or nightmares, or sensible thoughts, to lead your visions, changes in perception and sense of time with surrealistic mood.

The nature of 2020 itself will allow that increasing melodies continue until the sound becomes again a mix of iconic bones and diamonds, whirling back in the dark searching for a new dimension.

In your hand and in your eye.

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